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Why do it all on your own, when you can get there faster with the support of a mentor who is an expert in the industry who will share their model, help you avoid the costly mistakes.

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Why do it all on your own, when you can get there faster with the support of a mentor who is an expert in the industry who will share their model, help you avoid the costly mistakes and, in a non-judgemental way, boost your confidence levels to achieve what you thought would be impossible . . .

VA Mentoring is an essential part of growing a business whichever stage you are at. You look at many successful business people out there, James Caan, Sir Alan Sugar or Sir Richard Branson and these are people with mentors and advisers. When you are on your own, you do not always think of the obvious solution to a challenge, you do not have someone to motivate you and help you avoid procrastination on the tasks where you have a lack of confidence or experience in, you do not have someone to share and bounce off your ideas with, you do not have someone that can show you the ropes with software issues, you do not have someone to make you accountable for the action you said you would take.

For any VA who wants to succeed, then VA mentoring is a great way of getting you there!

One to One Private VA Mentoring

Who is this for? Our one to one private mentoring recognises that every business is different, no matter how similar they are!

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So anyone who has already started out as a VA and you feel that training is not required or perhaps you have completed the VA Business Mastery Course and want to continue gaining support. Or you want to take your business to another more profitable level, be able to work on your goals with the support and guidance of a very experienced VA and mentor, you want to add to your skills, you want to have someone that will be a great sounding board for your ideas and help you through your challenges, and you want someone who will help you to boost your confidence in yourself and the actions you have to take in business.

How often will you be mentored? Our mentoring programme is a 12 month mentoring programme and you will have 10 mentoring calls to be used over the 12 months.

How much is my investment? Mentoring is an investment in you and you should receive a return on that investment far quicker than if you were to work on your own, you should ideally start to see results immediately, of course it does require you to take action and be totally committed.

Your investment in you and your business to accelerate growth and boost you as a business owner is £1.5k or 12 payments of £150 per month.

Is this training? Not really, although, dependent on the challenges will sometimes mean information and training may be given. The aim will be to give you the tools to develop your business to the point you are gaining more clients, increasing your fees and/or retainer packages, becoming more confident in your business actions such as networking, more resourceful when working with clients, building a team of VAs to help you to establish and grow your business further and more.

Whats included?  10 x one hour mentoring/coaching calls to be used over the 12 months of us working together.  A private Facebook group where you can connect with your contemporaries, share your ideas, successes and can brainstorm problems together.  We also have weekly accountability check-ins and on a Monday evening, currently at 2000, we use it to have group chats – oh and me to kick your xxxx.

Seriously, if you want to be “Awesome” then being part of this mentoring programme is the way ahead and I look forward to working with you.

Not sure if I am the right mentor for you – then book a no obligation call where we can talk about the things that you want to achieve and see if I am the right person for you.  You need to feel inspired, challenged and supported when working with me.


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