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The VA Mastery Course covers everything from business strategy, and tools and technology, to client …

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The VA Mastery Course covers everything from business strategy, and tools and technology, to client management and marketing, to financial planning and working with associates – PLUS all the content is broken down and delivered in 12, easy to digest modules.

The VA Mastery Course is CPD Standards accredited and an in-depth, yet flexible training programme that’s designed to fit around you, your current circumstances and your budget. Delivered through a combination of audio presentations, worksheetsreading materials and sample documents, this course is practical, hands-on and comprehensive.  You also get the Suzanne Dibble Legal Pack for Virtual Assistants as part of this course. 

This course is for you if you have the following questions:

  • Where do I start?
  • How can I ensure success?
  • What services do I offer?
  • What do I charge?
  • How can I find clients?
  • Will I make enough to replace my employed income?
  • Can I manage to work both jobs for a while?
  • How can I find out about marketing my business?
  • Will I be able to work alone?

You will learn:

  • Unit 1: An Introduction to Setting and Achieving Goals Through a Positive Mindset
  • Unit 2: Understanding the Importance of High Level Client Management for Business Excellence and Business Success
  • Unit 3: Understanding Fees, Retailer Agreements, Cash Flow and Forecasting for Financial Growth
  • Unit 4: Understanding Working with Associates and Creating a Risk Management System for Business
  • Unit 5: Marketing Part One – Understanding Marketing, Creating a Niche Market and a Marketing Message to Attract Clients
  • Unit 6: Marketing Part Two – The Method of Attracting Clients through Marketing Communication
  • Unit 7: Marketing Part Three- Communicating Your Marketing Message Using Online Marketing to Attract Clients
  • Unit 8: Marketing Part Four – Communicating Through a Press Release
  • Unit 9: Marketing Part Five – Marketing Strategies Through Newsletters
  • Unit 10: Marketing Part 6 – Understanding Communication Using Websites and How to Make Them Work for Your Business
  • Unit 11: Marketing Part 7 – Networking for Business – The Essential Tools to Thrive and Get Results Using Online and Offline Marketing
  • Unit 12: Planning and Taking Action for Continuous Growth and Achievement.

How long it will take you:

  1. You can commence this signature programme with me at any ANY time, you will be given access to Materials within 24 hours of purchasing, to work through in your own time (but within 15 months of purchase). 
  2. You will be able to access supporting material, example templates and contracts, done-for-you marketing material and scripts to use in your client consultations and reviews, proposal documents to use and a script for speaking to people about money!
  3. Then, based on your location, you will attend a two day training, LIVE and in person, with a small group of attendees and run by me in one of my territories within the UK.
  4. I will then contact you to arrange your strategy call to support you with your new journey, to establish a plan that will fit in around YOU and support you with your actions, especially if you are aiming to make the transition from work. Then when you are ready, you can arrange your second strategy call to take place within 15 months.
  5. You will also be given access to the VA Success Club secret Facebook group, an exclusive platform for our clients.
  6. You will have access to support, potential associates as well as monthly webinar training and LIVE Q and A sessions.
  7. You will also access a library of audios and presentations from the archives.
  8. AND you will have access to this for 15 months FREE.  

What you get:

  • Access ALL of the 12 modules and a ticket to a two day training LIVE
  • Two private strategy calls – 45 mins
  • Suzanne Dibble Legal Templates for VAs
  • Access to monthly LIVE webinar training and LIVE Q and A sessions, plus recordings
  • Access to the private Support Group with other likeminded Virtual Assistants
  • Access to the Archive of VACT Recordings

The VA Mastery Course covers everything from business strategy, and tools and technology, to client management and marketing, to financial planning and working with associates – PLUS all the content is broken down and delivered in 12, easy to digest modules.

Terms and Conditions

The 12 modules are a step by step guide to getting your VA business set up and running successfully. 

PLEASE NOTE that once you make the purchase, you are confirming your agreement to our terms and conditions as outlined below.

The Mastery Course has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office, which is brilliant for you as a Business Owner, serious about demonstrating your commitment to your professional development.   Our 12-module course, which you can access over 12 months OR all in one go if you wish, will boost your confidence, develop your business mindset, and empower you with the commercial know-how you need to succeed.  You must attend the 2 days group training in order to qualify for your accreditation.  The price does not cover your travel or accommodation charges at our training venue. 

CPD Standards Office Independently Accredited CPD

You agree to confidentiality of all copyrighted VA Mastery Course and all related materials and business information for The VA Coaching and Training Company as well as information shared and recordings which may not be reproduced or transmitted in any format by any means before, during and for life after the training is complete. You understand that you may be prosecuted for breach of confidentiality or plagiarism of all material unless where written permission has been provided.

You agree to confidentiality of all information shared or discussed with any fellow delegates, whether in person, online, via the VA Success Club, phone or otherwise, before, during and for the life after the training due to data protection.

You understand that if you are paying in instalments that all payments are paid by the due dates or timeframe required, all overdue payments will incur a 10% late payment fee charged each week the fee is overdue. Late payment or missed instalments will result in cancellation of your participation on The VA Mastery Course until payment recommences. If in the event a credit collection agency or solicitor has to be instructed to obtain overdue fees, you agree to reimburse your VA Trainer and/or The VA Coaching and Training Company for fees incurred using such services.

You give permission for any group or individual training, in which you partake in the discussion, to be recorded of which the recording will be distributed to yourself and/or fellow delegates and will not be distributed to any persons outside of the group and will be for the sole use of the delegates and I shall store the recording in a responsible way.


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